Slideshow overlay modal widget

The company has a number of upcoming events. These are:
  • Networking session 
  • New office launch 
  • Upcoming open day
They would like to promote these events within the company as they would like as many staff members to attend as possible. The best way to communicate this information would be to promote this on the Intranet site.  The Slideshow overlay model widget will allow the company to communicate this information effectively through the use of images and text, allowing this information to be displayed across the site in the form of a banner slideshow.  I created the Slideshow Overlay model widget by:
  1. Navigating to the section that the widget will be displayed in
  2. Selecting ‘Edit’ and then ’Widgets’ 
  3. Selecting the ‘+’ (Add widget) option to open the Widget library
  4. Selecting the ‘Slideshow overlay modal’ widget
  5. From the ‘TITLE’ tab I ‘Override’ the existing title and add new title
  6. From the ‘DISPLAY’ tab, using the WYSIWYG options I:
    • Select a ‘Layout’ option 
    • Select an ‘Image’ size 
    • Select a background colour 
  7. From the ‘TARGET’ tab I: 
    • Select the ‘Everyone’ option 
  8. Select ‘ADD NEW STEP’ to add another slide – users can add up to 3 slideshows 
9. Once I am happy with the configuration, I select the ‘ADD’ option  10. The following screenshot shows the created slideshow When the user hovers over the widget then arrows will be displayed allowing the user to navigate through the slideshow


The Slideshow overlay modal widget provides a slideshow that can include a combination of text and images. This widget can be used on any page across the Invotra content.




  1. Override title
    • Enter Title
    • Select Heading style


The Display tab enables the full configuration of each slide layout

  1. Limited WSYWYG options are available

2. Select Layout. There are 4 layout options available:

    • No image
    • Image left, text right (default)
    • Image below text

3. Select Image size

  • Image size defaults to 160
  • The size can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing using the  increment arrows to the right
  • This is best done once the image has been added

4. Select Background colour

5. The bottom of the screen has the following options:

  • < > to move back and forth through the Steps
  • REMOVE STEP button
  • ADD NEW STEP button
  • UPDATE button

The X in the top right provides a cancel option


  1. The new target category of New Starter enables the selection of a specific New Starter Timescale, to display the widget’s specific tasks based on that ‘Timeframe’ from the New Starter user’s Start date. Select New Starter Timeframe, for this set of tasks:
  • Everyone – Default
  • Teams – Only users in the teams you select will be able to view this content
  • Locations – Only users in the locations you select will be able to view this content
  • Role grades – Only users in the role grades you select will be able to view this content
  • Regions – Only users in the regions you select will be able to view this content
  • New Starter – Only new starters within the timeframe you select will be able to view this content