‘Team’ Import- Fields and required formats

The table below shows all available fields and the required format for ‘Team’ import


* = Mandatory field

** = Mandatory field if you are using single sign-on


Fields Description Format Example
ExternalId* Unique identifier used to reference this team. String team-1234
Parent term Use the ExternalId (above) to reference a parent team if you have a team hierarchy –  This will help build the team hierarchy on your site String team-1236
Term name* The name of the team String Marketing
Term description A description of the team, which will display on the team page String This is the marketing team, responsible for marketing our product
OU Image       
Team lead      
Contact This field allows you to display contact information for the team which will display on the team page String To get in contact with the marketing team use this shared inbox – marketing@invotra.com or alternatively call 0987654333
Published* Define whether or not the team should be published and visible

1 = Published

0 = Unpublished

Integer 1

Here’s an example of a Team Import CSV file