Creating a subsection

Video Transcript


So we’re going to create a subsection. We’ve already created a section here called new section, um, from the work bar, check that video out if you haven’t seen it.


And we’re now going to create a subsection of this new section. So you can do that in two ways. Um, you can go to the work part and create another section here, which I’m going to do.


I can do that if you’re a web master or global section manager, um, new subsection. Okay. Again, go content fields, image, attachment, internal links, external links.


Some tags is a general tag and SMR, more advanced search settings in there. Now what we’re interested in is the relationship with this section to our new section, um, which is what we’re going to make this a subsection now.


So we’re going to add new section. So as this assess relationships between sections create the structure navigation of your site, we’ve related this section to the new section.


We’re going to order it because we want this to appear first. So order that, and we’re going to publish it and select save, save, and close.


Okay. Okay. And we’ll go to that section as it’s kind of first being created and we’ll see, there’s a dropdown now.


And new section has a new subsection. Now, if you are a local section manager that is you’ve been added and you’ve been made a section manager within the members section of a section, then when you got to create a subsection of new section, you go to the overflow menu and you’ll see this create subsection and you’ll see exactly the same page as the global sex manager or webmaster.


We’ll see you fill in the fields, subsection two, um, description section again, content fields, as we’ve shown you. Um, this will be, uh, locked down or deactivated.


Uh, so you’ve created the section, the subsection, uh, from within the section. Um, again, you’re going to apply an order, so you can do that and say, let’s say one to be second or it, uh, it’s published and we’ll select save and then save and close.


Okay. And we’ll not have two subsections.