Managing section members

Video Transcript


To manage the members of each section, you go to the overflow menu and select manage members. You can look at the users who are already members, individual users, their names, and if they have any publishing roles.


You’ll also see when they were added. There is also a teams category, which is empty currently. But it’s the same process for adding users as it is with teams.


So if we go back to users, if we want to add a user, we would select ‘add user’, we would type the name and then get a list of options.


We can add multiple users too. Here, confirm the two Brody’s. We then go down and find one of them to give them a publishing role.


This would be a local role to this section. So add the role here and select next. We’re going to make them a section manager, select next. You can add multiple roles too. If we wanted to make Raya and Brooke here, publishers, we click ‘Add role’, ‘Next’, select ‘Section Publishers’.


That role has been added. You can, if you want to, follow the same steps but to remove a role there.


If you remove a member who has a role, Jim for example — his role would just be removed as he is he removed for the section.


In the ‘Teams’ tab, select ‘Add team. We’re adding the ‘Marketing team’ here and let’s include any related teams too, and ‘Confirm’.


And that means all the users who are in the Marketing Team now have restricted access.


If you choose to set the section to be restricted, only members will be able to access and view that section. A really good way of making some content private, and using the power ‘members’, be it with individual users or teams


And that’s it, Manage Members, everything is saved when you confirm changes. So you just select ‘Cancel’ to go back to your section.