Welcome emails


When a customer moves to Invotra Auth, staff will need to be sent a new welcome email so they can reset their password to gain access to the site. This document outlines how to send out welcome emails to staff and also how to identify users who have not been able to log in to then send out a second round of emails. 

It is critical for the welcome email template to be pre built out before sending these emails.


The first set of welcome emails:

  1. Head into the Invotra Admin and under User Settings you will want to click into ‘User Management’ 
  2. Once in user management you will see a list of all users on the site. You will want to select the top tick box which will select all users and then select all rows as highlighted in the screenshot. 

3. Once you have selected all users, look to the right of the screen and select ‘Choose an Operation’ a drop down will appear with multiple options, select ‘Send welcome email’ then click Next.

4. This will bring up a confirmation screen, once you click ‘Confirm’ this will send out the email to all staff selected. 

How to identify users who have not yet logged in and changed their password

Note: This should be done a few days after the first round if users have not changed their passwords or if a user has reported they cannot get access. 

  1. Head back into ‘User Management’ 
  2. On the list you will see numerous options at the top of the user list. 
  3. Click onto ‘Last Accessed’ and then click it again for an arrow to appear pointing down like this.

4. This will show a list off all users who have logged in most recently, to identify those have not logged in, identify the point when Auth was implemented and go from that date all users who have not accessed since the evening of the move will need new emails so just tick the box on the same line as their name then follow the steps regarding ‘Choose an Operation’ ( in your case all users from before 5:30 on 26/04/2022