Widget branding


Widget branding applies styles to widget titles. Update the colour and width of a border, and whether it displays above and/or below widget title. You can also adjust the widget title font, as well as the font colour and weight.



  1. Navigate to ‘Administration’ and then select ‘Widget branding’ option located under ‘Branding’


Widget title border

2. Select checkbox to ‘Set the colour of the top border of the pane title’

3. Add a ‘Border width’

4. Add a ‘Border colour’

5. ‘Select checkbox to ‘Set the colour of the bottom border of the pane title’

6. Add a ‘Border width’

7. Add a ‘Border colour’


Widget title font

8. Select ‘font weight’. Select from one of the following options:

  • 300
  • 400
  • 500
  • 700

9. Choose a title font colour

10. Select ‘Submit’ 


Export styles

11. To export style, select the ‘Export styles’ option

12. Select ‘Submit’ option


Widget styles import

13. Select ‘Add File’ to view files on your local drive

14. Select the widget style to import 

15. Select ‘Upload’

16. Select ‘Submit’ option

Expected result

The widget branding has been added/updated


Brand manager