Workflow is a publishing tool for producing regular, accurate and traceable content from multiple users.

Once a publishing team is established, your content changes ‘workflow state’ and the appropriate member of the team is notified. Progress then depends on the various skill sets involved responding to each other’s comments and working together.



  1. Access a user’s profile
  2. Select ‘Account settings’
  3. Select the ‘GLOBAL ROLES’ tab
  4. Check or uncheck the role you want to assign or unassign
  5. ‘Save’

You can also do this in bulk via the User management screen.


Publish team at a local level

You must access the appropriate section as a section manager.

  1. Go to section
  2. Select the overflow menu and ‘Manage members’
  3. Select ‘Add User’
  4. Type the user’s name and select them from the list that appears
  5. To add multiple users, repeat 4 and 5 until complete
  6. Select ‘Next’ and ‘Confirm’
  7. Check that user or users have been added as members
  8. Tick the box next to their name
  9. In the dropdown labelled ‘Choose an Action’, select ‘Add Role(s)’
  10. Select the appropriate role for your chosen user (you can select more than
  11. Select ‘Next’, check the details and select ‘Confirm’
  12. In the list of members check the correct role or roles have been added
  13. Repeat steps 9 to 13 to establish your team once you have added everyone