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What's New

The intranet wide update in August 2023 includes significant improvements and changes. 

Improvements applied to existing features and functionality include:

    • Left Hand Side (LHS) - the LHS of the users screen has now been prioritised for just content creation.
    • Right Hand Side (RHS) - the RHS Draw is now the ‘administrative’ section of the content types. 
    • Configuration Panel - Is now located at the bottom of the content type and contains ‘Engage’, ‘Links’, ‘Promote’, ‘Search’, ‘Tags’ and ‘Target’
    • WYSIWYG Options - Post update when you access the WYSIWYG you will see the options specific to your role


  • On the right of the screen select ‘EXPAND ALL’ to open the drawer
  • Organise’ where your Multimedia will be displayed on the screen. Start typing to search and select a ‘Location’
  • Add a ‘Summary
    • The summary text will appear in widgets and improve search results
  • Add a ‘Featured  image
  • Attach files
  • Select the ‘Workflow*’ state from one of the following options
    • Draft
    • Needs review
    • Reviewed’ 
    • Published
      • Schedule publishing:
      • Immediately
      • In the future
  • You can also leave a comment to assist other members in your publishing team. To view existing workflow comments select  ‘VIEW WORKFLOW COMMENTS’’
  • Add a ‘Review date*’ and time for when the Multimedia page will need to be reviewed
  • From Revision log’ select the type of revision for the changes you’ve made:
  • None 
  • Major 
  • Minor
  • Add a ‘Revision comment’ (Your comment will be published). Select ‘View Revision History’ to see previous revisions 
  • Select  ‘Archive’ to make the content not appear in widgets or search results
  • Choose a content template. A default template displays here but users with access control can choose an alternative if available.

Understanding Workflow State

Draft‘ – Not visible to users and requires further work

Needs review‘ – Not visible to users and needs an ‘Editor’ to review

Reviewed‘ – Not visible to users but ‘Editor’ has approved content. ‘Publisher’ needs to review before choosing a template and changing the state to ‘Published’

Published‘ – Visible to all users



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