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Learn more about the ‘Widget library

What’s New

The intranet wide update in August 2023 includes significant improvements and changes. 

In addition to there being new features and functionalities there have been changes made to the current areas on the intranet. Some of the changes also apply to widgets are:

Design and Display

  • While retaining existing configuration and display the updated Page Builder now provides additional field and display options for widgets which means you can get more creative with new variations

Style and consistency

  • We have removed any inconsistencies in displaying of widget titles and card elements so they all look and feel the same


  • Many common content related widgets now include buttons to bookmark and like widget cards.

General widgets

  • These widgets can display both dynamic or static internal site content or landing screen.
  • Some widgets can also display content from an external source.


All content

Engage people and teams with dynamic content. Display a single or multiple content types in a variety of design styles

Improve site and content searchability. Configure what to search for and where to search

External Feed

Display dynamic content from an external source. Available options include Twitter, ATOM and RSS


Displays a range of manual related components including tables and navigation

Improve local or global navigation. Includes a Menu or A-Z style


Personalise your intranet experience. Displays profile details for individuals or related site users


Build lists on the fly. Include links to content, files, menu items and more. Include optional images


This is a versatile widget which is focussed on designing custom content displays. Whether it’s a banner, a call to action or a page masthead. A combination of custom layouts, imagery and text allows you to spread your creative wings.

Latest comments

A very handy widget to keep your audience up to speed on the latest comments for your content or menu item area.


This widget displays all the file associated with a menu item. Handy for sharing useful or popular files with other team members.


Another personalised option for the individual user. It displays all content or comments bookmarked by a user.


Make group activity more visible for your audience.


Arrange content within tabs. This widget provides the ability to add accordion content to one or more tabs



Content type widgets

These widgets can reflects the populated fields and related content of the screen on which it displays.



This displays the title for a content type screen or menu item landing screen

Content type field

Display content details for authors, owners. A range of date options. And interactive buttons to like, share and more


Add comment and reply functionality to your content and get conversations going


Does what is says on the tin. Follow, Like, Comments, Attachments, Bookmark, Share and Report content


Display attached files for content types and menu item landing screens


Display tags for a specific content type screen or menu item landing screen


Displays WYSIWYG content for content type screens and description content for menu item landing screens


Displays summary text for content type screens and menu item landing screens

Featured Image

Displays the featured image for content types

Display links for a specific content type screens or menu item landing screens


Provides a way to display revision info and history

Related information

An accordion which neatly displays all related info about a specific content type screen

Specifically for the Gallery content type screen, this displays images in a carousel or grid style


Specifically for the Multimedia content type screen, this displays files in a list style

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