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What is Workflow?

‘Workflow’ is a publishing tool for producing regular, accurate and traceable content from multiple users.

Once a publishing team is established, your content changes ‘workflow state’ and the appropriate member of the team is notified. Progress then depends on the various skill sets involved in responding to each other’s comments and working together.

Comments can and should be added before every workflow state change. This means the next person is aware of any amends, ideas or instructions that need to be reviewed and considered.

The Five Workflow States

  1. ‘Draft’: Not visible to users and requires further work
  2. ‘Needs review’: Not visible to users and needs an ‘Editor’ to review
  3. ‘Reviewed’: Not visible to users but ‘Editor’ has approved content. ‘Publisher’ needs to review before choosing a template and changing the state to ‘Published’
  4. ‘Published’: Visible to all users
  5. ‘Unpublished’: Not visible to users and no longer required


Managing your ‘Workflow’ will allow you to decide at what stage your content is at and gives you the opportunity to add any comments if required

  1. Locate the section that you want to adjust the ‘Workflow’ state of your content.
  2. On the right hand side of the page select from one of the following options:
      1. ‘Draft’
      2. ‘Needs review’
      3. ‘Reviewed’
      4. ‘Published’
      5. ‘Unpublished’ 

        Select state

  1. Select whether to publish immediately or select a date & time in the future
  2. Add any ‘Workflow’ comments for other team members if required.
  3. Select “Save”



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