Mandatory content review


You have the ability to make content reviews mandatory for content types. 

It’s a useful way to ensure content is up-to-date, accurate, and relevant. It also automates the unpublishing of content if the review date passes without being reset. You choose the content types that feature the mandatory content review field and the rest is up to your content creators.



As a Webmaster

  1. Go to ‘Administration’ in the workbar
  2. Locate ‘Content settings’ category and select ‘Mandatory content review’
  3. Choose the content types that require a mandatory content review


As an Author, Editor, Publisher, Section Manager or Webmaster

  1. Create a content type by selecting ‘+’ in your workbar 

2. Add content as normal

3. When you get to ‘Review’, set the date and time your content needs to be reviewed by

4. Save


Expected result

Content authors and owners will be notified 31 days and  3 days before the date and time pass. If the review date is not altered before then, the content is unpublished.