Preview mode


Review and refine unpublished content and layouts before they go live. You can also reveal content that might have once been live but is now unpublished.

Preview mode is there for the content creators and managers to work in the background while creating sections and content types, without disrupting users. It’s also there to uncover the history of a page for tidy-ups and re-sorting purposes.


Relevant roles

  • Webmasters
  • Section managers
  • Content layout manager


Enabling and disabling Preview Mode

1. Go to your profile menu

Profile menu with enable preview mode button

If you are one of the three roles referenced above, at the bottom of the menu you’ll see ‘Enable Preview Mode’.

2. Select ‘Enable Preview Mode’

3. The profile menu will go away and at the bottom centre of your screen, you’ll see a block box stating: ‘Preview Mode Enabled’.

Preview mode enabled box

4. Work as normal in preview mode until you are satisfied with your content. When you’re ready to return to a fully live view then select ‘Disable Preview Mode’.

Disable preview mode