Revision Log

The Revision Log is a way for content creators to give consumers details about the latest updates.

Whenever a policy or news story is amended, the author can add a revision log type (minor or major) and comment to tell the user who changed what and when.

To activate the Revision Log on your site, you need to do the following 3 steps.

Step 1

1. Go to ‘Administration’

2. Find ‘Content settings’ category and ‘Content Authoring’ subcategory

3. Select ‘Revisions access’

4. Select the content types that can display Revision Log information

5. Save

Step 2

If you are using a content type template

1. Go to ‘Administration’

2. Find ‘Structure’ category and ‘Templates’ subcategory

3. Select template you want

4. Select ‘Settings’ in the appropriate template

5. Select ‘Content’ in the tabs in the top-right

6. In the region of your layout, select ‘Add content’

7. In the widget library, search for ‘Revision Log’

8. Select ‘Revision Log’ widget

9. Choose to ‘Override title’ and set heading weight

10. Choose the number of items to display in the table

11. Choose to show minor, major or both types of revision

12. Select ‘Finish’

13. Save

Step 3

If creating a content type

1. Create a content type from the workbar (remembering step one)

2. Add content as normal

3. In the sidebar, you’ll find ‘Revision Log’

4. Choose a ‘Revision type’ – minor or major

5. Add a ‘Revision comment’

6. Save

If editing a content type

1. Select ‘Edit’,  ‘Content’ in the appropriate content type

2. Make changes to the content

3. Scroll down to ‘Revision Log’

4. Choose a ‘Revision type’ – minor or major

5. Add a ‘Revision comment’

6. Save