What are Revisions?

Revisions are multiple versions of the same item. Whenever an item is set to draft or published, it creates a revision. When that item is edited and saved, a latest version is created as well as a revision.

This means you can compare old and new content as well track changes with a date, time and user stamp. If you want to bulk delete revisions, you can. 

Note that a new revision is only created when an item is set to draft or published in the workflow.

Relevant roles for revisions






Accessing Revisions


In the top of your screen are the following local tabs:






1. Select ‘Revisions’

Here you’ll see a table with all of the revisions and details for your item. 

These details include revision ID,  date and time, author, status i.e. whether it’s a revision or published, and a link to ‘View’ that revision.

Revisions table with revision ID, date and author details, checkboxes to select revisions to compare or delete, status and view link

Comparing content in revisions

When you compare revisions you can see what’s changed from one revision to another. 

Should you want to revert back to old content, simply make an ‘Old revision’ the latest version. 

Comparing also lets you quickly identify the differences in content, as changes are highlighted in red.

1. Go to revisions in your item

2. Select two revisions you want to compare by ticking the appropriate checkbox

3. Notice a ‘Compare’ button appear beneath the table containing revisions

4. Select ‘Compare’

5. The ‘Compare revisions’ screen will appear for you to review

2 revisions of content  with differences highlighted in red

Bulk delete revisions

The amount of revisions you can have is not restricted. However, for clarity you may want to restrict the amount you accumulate.


To bulk delete revisions:

1. Select 2 or more and a red box will appear that reads ‘Delete old revisions’.

Content revisions with delete old revision button visible

If you only select 2 revisions you’ll also see the option to ‘Compare’.

2. Select ‘Delete old versions’,

3. When asked if ‘…you are sure you want to delete the following revisions?’ 

4. Select ‘Confirm’

5. Alternatively, select ‘Cancel’ if you have changed your mind.


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