Adding tags to enhance the search experience

Let’s focus on the ‘Primary category’ tag first.

Organisational publishing options including primary category

To add a primary category tag, you will need to have Webmaster permissions and be able to access ‘Administration’ from the workbar.

Alternatively, find a Webmaster using the people directory and ask them to include a tag you and your team are planning to use.

When the tag is added in administration, whenever a publisher goes to create a content type they will be able to select the appropriate tag/s from the dropdown menu.

If a widget that displays tags is activated in your template, you will see the tags in the published content type. Users can then select the tags and be taken to a search result screen that features all other content with the same tag.

Adding a primary category tag in Invotra admin

1. Go to ‘Administration’

2. Locate ‘Content settings’, ‘Tags, topics and categories’

Administration menu listing content settings options with primary category highlighted

3. Select ‘Primary category’

Primary cateogry page listing existing categories and button to add new primary category

4. Select ‘Add term’

Add new primary category page with name, relations and description fields

5. In the subsequent create screen, add tag name in ‘Name’ and ignore ‘Weight’, include a brief description if you have one

6. Save

Adding the primary category widget in a template

1. Go to ‘Administration’

2. Locate ‘Structure’ and ‘Templates’

3. Select ‘Page’ (in this instance)

4. In the content tab, (see below) locate the region in your templates layout where you will add the tag widget

Options available when adding new templates including list, settings layout and content

5.  Select the cog icon the top left-hand corner of that region

6. Select ‘Add content’ and the widget menu screen will open

7. Search for ‘Primary category’

8. Scroll down the window and select ‘Node’ then the ‘Field:Primary category’ widget

A configuration screen will appear, we recommend you set up your widget as we have below:

Screenshot of widget configuration screen

9. Select ‘Continue’ and then check the box next to ‘Link label to referenced entity’ in the next screen

10.  Select ‘Finish’ and you will see the following:

Screenshot of node settings screen

As you can see from the image above, we have also added the ‘Projects’ and ‘General topic’ widgets too.

If you want to add a ‘Projects’ tag, please follow the same steps as described for ‘Primary category’. The only difference comes when a publisher adds a content tag in a content type create screen.

Adding a project tag if you are publishing a content type

Whereas primary category is at the bottom of the create screen for content types, to locate projects you must select the ‘Tags’ tab.

Like primary category, projects must be pre-added by a Webmaster in Administration or they will not appear to publishers to select.

To add the project tag:

1. Select the project tag dropdown

2. Select the relevant project listed in the dropdown and save.

Publishing options tags tab showing project dropdown

As long as you have added and configured your project tag widget in your template, the tag will appear and a user will be able to quickly look at all the related content available on your intranet to do with a specific project.

Adding a general topic tag

A more flexible option for publishers, general topic tags can be added in Administration, but they can also be typed straight into the text field and will appear in the general topic widget.

General topic tag under the tag tab

So for example, if you type ‘Outer space’ and save the content type, as long as the general topic widget has been added and configured in your template it will appear. See the image below and the third option.

Project tags page screenshot

To change the name of the tag — here we’ve called the general topic tag ‘Anything goes’ — you need to access the appropriate template in Administration and select settings in the general topic tag widget.

General topic tag widget screenshot

Select ‘Override title’ and add the title you want for your tag widget.

We recommend that you follow the configuration we have shown below. If you do change the name of general topic tags to something more appropriate for your organisation, make sure other publishers know that if they add a general topic tag it will appear as you have configured.

Screenshot of configuration page

If you do want to add general topic tags for publishers to select, you do so in Administration taking the same steps as you would with primary category and projects.

In the example below, we have added ‘Autumnal’. The difference this time is that, as we type autumnal, an option appears for publishers to select, confirming this tag is official.

General topic field with the general topic autumnal added

If you want to add more than one general topic tag, use a comma after each tag. They can be a mixture of pre-defined and undefined tags.

See image below:

3 general topics added with commas separating them


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