Tagging content

Here’s how to add tags

Let’s focus on the ‘Primary category’ tag first and then the ‘General Topic’ tag. There are two others: Projects and Security Classification

To add a primary category tag, you will need to have Webmaster permissions and be able to access ‘Administration’ from the workbar.

Alternatively, find a Webmaster using the people directory and ask them to include a tag you and your team are planning to use.

When the tag is added in admin, whenever an author, editor or publisher goes to create or edit a content type they will be able to select the appropriate tag/s from the dropdown menu.



If a widget that displays tags is activated in your template, you will see the tags in the published content type. Users can then select the tags and be taken to a search result screen that features all other content with the same tag.


Adding a primary category tag in Administration

1. Go to ‘Administration’

2. Locate ‘Content settings’, ‘Tags, topics and categories’


Administration menu listing content settings options with primary category highlighted


3. Select ‘Primary category’


Primary cateogry page listing existing categories and button to add new primary category


4. Select ‘Add primary category’


Add new primary category page with name, relations and description fields


5. In the next create screen, add tag name in ‘Name’

6. Save


Adding the primary category widget in a template

1. Go to ‘Administration’

2. Locate templates and select ‘Page’ (in this instance)

4. Select the ‘Settings’ in the template you’re going to update

5. Select the ‘widgets’ tab

6. Find the appropriate region for your tag and select ‘Add widget’ in the region header









 7. In the ‘Widget Library’ search for ‘primary category’

8. Select the ‘Content fields’ category and select the ‘Primary category’ widget

9. In the widget’s settings, override the title with no text, and select ‘Next’

10. Check the box next to ‘Link label to the referenced entity’

11. Select ‘Add’

12. Select ‘Save’

Note: If you want to add, ‘General Topic’, ‘Projects’ or ‘Security Classification’ tag, follow the same steps as described for ‘Primary category’.


Adding a primary content tag in a content type

1. Go to your content type

2. Select ‘Edit’, ‘Content’

3. Scroll down to advanced publishing tabs and select ‘Tags’

4. Scroll down to ‘Primary content’ and select the appropriate tag

Note: As long as you have added your tag in admin, and the widget in your template, the tag will appear and a user can go to all the related content available on your site.


Adding a general topic tag

A more flexible option for publishers is the General Topic tag, which can be pre-determined in admin or typed straight into the text field.

1. Go to your content type

2. Select ‘Edit’, ‘Content’

3. Scroll down to the advanced publishing tabs and select ‘Tags’

4. Start typing and select a pre-defined tag that appears in the list

5. Or, if a list does not appear, type your tag and separate with a comma if you are adding multiple new tags

Note: Tags added organically into the text field are also be added in admin and available for other users to select in the pre-defined list.