Adding a search synonym


Add synonyms to improve the search experience for your users. Make sure all of your internal language is included in your search experience for users who might only know the acronym and not what it stands for.



1. Navigate to ‘Administration’

2. Locate ‘Search settings’ and select ’Synonyms’

3. Add a ‘Term’ e.g. ‘Doctor’

4. For ‘Synonym’, add the term followed by synonym i.e ‘Doctor, GP’

5. Select ‘ADD’


To make the synonym biodirectional:

6. Add the ‘Term’ ‘GP’

7. For ‘Synonym’ add the term followed by synonym ie. ‘GP, Doctor’

6. Select ‘ADD’


Expected behaviour

When the user conducts a search for one of the terms, the results will also display results which include the synonym and vice versa.

Roles and permissions