Create Gallery

Create a new ‘Gallery’

  1. Navigate to the ‘Workbar’ and select the ‘Create’ icon (+)
  2. Select “Gallery” under the “Content” heading
  3. You will be directed to the ‘Create gallery’ screen
  4. Give your ‘Gallery’ a title
  5. To add text and other elements into the body of the gallery, click on  ‘Body
  6. Add the gallery items in the section and place them in your desired order by clicking and dragging the two ‘Drag Handles’  on the right hand side.
  7. On the right of the screen select ‘EXPAND ALL’ to open the drawer
  8. Organise’ where your list will be displayed on the screen. Start typing to search and select a location
  9. Add a ‘SummaryThe summary text will appear in widgets and improve search results
  10. Add a ‘Featured  image
  11. Select the ‘Workflow*’ state from one of the following options:
      • ‘Draft’
      • ‘Needs review’
      • ‘Reviewed’
      • ‘Published’
  12. Schedule publishing:
    • Immediately
    • In the future
  13. You can also leave a comment to assist other members in your publishing team.
  14. To view existing workflow comments select  ‘VIEW WORKFLOW COMMENTS’’
  15. Add a ‘Review date*’ and time for when the gallery will need to be reviewed
  16. From Revision log’ select the type of revision for the changes you’ve made:
  17. None 
      • Major 
      • Minor
  18. Add a ‘Revision comment’ (Your comment will be published)
  19. To view previous revisions and comments, click  ‘View Revisions’ 
  20. To Archive’ the Gallery, tick the  ‘Archive’ option
  21. Choose a content template. A default template displays here but users with access control can choose an alternative if available.