Induction Task List Reporting

A new employee is joining the company. During the onboarding process the new starter will need to read a number policy and procedure documents. The HR department would like to keep track of which policies have been read and the ones remaining. This policies list includes: 

  • Code of conduct 
  • Internet and email policy
  • Drug and alcohol policy 
  • Health and safety policy 
  • Anti-discrimination and harrasment policy 
  • Grievance handling policy 
  • Discipline policy

The best way for HR to monitor users progress is to use the ‘Induction progress reporting’ tool. This will allow HR the list and total number of tasks assigned to the user, the tasks completed and the ones pending. 

To view this information HR can navigate to ‘Administration and then select ‘Induction progress reporting’ option located under ‘Intranet tools’


When a newly onboarded user logs in for the first time they will be presented with specific content based on a certain ‘Timeframe’ from the New Starter’s Start date.



The Induction Task List Reporting provides details of the new starter completion rates.

  1. Access the Induction Task List Reporting at Administration > Intranet tools > Induction progress reporting

There are two reporting views available:

  • Induction progress reports
  • Induction progress dashboard

The Tabs in the top right of the screen enable you to switch between these 2 views.


Induction progress reports

The Induction progress reports view

  1. Filters – filter the list by:
  • Users – a specific New Starter
  • Checklist – a specific Task Checklist widget
  • Completion – All / Completed / No completed

2. Lists

  • New starters – visible
  • Task list – scroll down

3. Creates a csv download of the list


Induction progress dashboard

The Induction progress dashboard provides a variety of graphical details of induction task progress.