What is Matomo?

Matomo is an Open Source web application which provides the analytics tracking functionality for Invotra. It works in real time, to track all users’ interactions with the application and tracks the page views of Invotra users.

Authenticated users are tracked using their Invotra user ids which enables a detailed history of the pages a user has visited to be captured; a report is available via the Matomo administration screens which will be provided to you on request. All of the user analytics tracking data is stored in the Matomo database and storage is only limited by the capacity of the database storage. 

Integrating Matomo with Invotra

The integrated Invotra Matomo reports provide report formats which include top keyword searches, most visited page URLs, page titles, providers, operating system, Desktop VS Mobile, top campaigns, and top entry/exit pages.

As part of onboarding onto Invotra, you will be given corresponding credentials to your Matomo instance where you will be able to begin reviewing how your users are interacting with Invotra.


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