What is Matomo?

Matomo is an open source web application that provides analytics tracking functionality for Invotra. It works in realtime to track all user interactions with the apps and content on your site.


Authenticated users are tracked using their user IDs, which gives you a detailed history of the pages each user has visited. Reports are available in Matomo’s admin screens, which we will give you access to.

Note that all of the user analytics tracking data is stored in the Matomo database, and storage is limited by the capacity of the database storage.


Matomo’s analytics include…

  • Top keyword searches

  • Most visited page URLs

  • Top campaigns

  • Top entry and exit pages

  • Page titles

  • Providers

  • Operating system

  • Desktop vs. Mobile


Matomo integrating with Invotra

As part Invotra’s onboarding process for enterprise customers, we’ll give you access to your Matomo account so you can start reviewing user activity and content performance straightaway.