An introduction to Invotra Labs

What is Invotra Labs?


Invotra Labs is an exciting new venture for Invotra. It makes up part of our User Experience (UX) strategy to deliver a world-class user experience. Essentially, we are replacing parts of our product gradually as individual applications with a brand new interface and user experience.

Invotra Labs is the development of new concepts based on years of customer feedback and interactions. Invotra Labs will inspire Invotra 2.0.

The brief is simple: a blank piece of paper. New territory, new thinking, and a massive opportunity to improve the user experience for publishers and non-publishers.

We want professionals to have a greater voice to influence their work-life, plus the real-time insights to make smarter decisions that benefit everyone. Advancing what’s possible with data, integrations, content and design, so your intranet becomes a single source of truth and engagement.

What does this mean?


Building in this way allows Invotra to move at pace, without disrupting our current customers.

We create Invotra Labs projects independently of the current live system utilising our API’s. This means that we can…

  • Deliver the new experience quickly
  • Implement and update labs projects without risk to the current live service
  • Easily switch out some of the back-end infrastructures if needed, utilising our API-based approach

How do we do it?


The Lab projects are developed using React, which is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces (UIs). This allows us to build a fast, flexible UI.

React goes hand in hand with our chosen design system which is Material Design.
Material is backed by open-source code and is used to help teams build high-quality digital experiences.

The data provided to the Labs projects all comes from the Invotra API. We have spent a lot of time recently developing our API and ensuring that it is as future-proof as possible. The API is pivotal to our success with Invotra Labs.

How is it benefiting customers?


This development will benefit Invotra customers as it allows us to roll out Lab projects quickly and without any risk to the current service. 

The beauty of Invotra Labs is that the customers don’t have to use them if they don’t want to right away, and can transition across in their own time. Allowing time for communications to go out to end users about the new experience changes.

Stay tuned!


We’ll be rolling out our Invotra Labs projects all throughout this year so stay tuned and look out for them. If you’d like a demo or early sight of our lab projects get in touch.