Profile Completion Indicators widget- use case

A company has a new starter. The new starter is required to complete the following tasks on the site:

  • Add profile picture
  • Add phone number 
  • Add skills 
  • Add Facebook 
  • Add Twitter

To ensure that the user is aware that they need to complete these tasks and to keep reminders visible until these tasks are complete a ‘Profile Indicators’ widget can be used to display this information. This way the user will be able to see each task to complete and as they complete each, the percentage number for completion will increase. This will allow the user to see how far they are to completion. 

To add configure this widget I:

  1. Selected ‘Edit’ and then ’Widgets’ 
  2. Then I selected the ‘+’ (Add widget) option to open the widget library
  3. Then I selected ‘Task checklist’ from the widget library
  • On the ‘TITLE’ tab, I added the title for the tasks
  • From the ‘DISPLAY’ tab I:
    • Selected the view the information should be displayed in
    • Selected upto 5 items to display on the checklist
  • From the ‘TARGET’ tab I:: 
    • Selected the users I would like to target
  • Once I was happy with the configuration, I selected the ‘ADD’ option

I will now be able to view progress from the reports and the dashboard by navigating to ‘Induction progress reporting’ screen which I can access from ‘Administration’  located under ‘Intranet tools’