External Users

What are External Users?

Invotra Portal provides the ability for organisations to open their content to users who are not directly part of but are involved with the organisation.

This document will outline the roles and permissions these users can be given, how these permissions can be given and how external teams can be added to existing sections.

External role and permissions

By default, external users will only be able to access the following pages:

  • External homepage
  • Their own user profile
  • Their edit profile page
  • Their own account settings page
  • Feed page
  • My content page

However, it is possible to grant additional access to other chosen sections, apps and entities.

External User access


To provide additional access for external users you need to:

1. Navigate to ‘Administration’

2. Under ‘People and Teams’ -> ‘User settings’ select ‘External user access’

3. Using the checkboxes provided, simply configure which apps and entities you want external users to have access to. Your options are:




-Message Wall






Selecting the checkbox will provide the external users with access to that app/entity as if they were organisational users with the exception that external user will not be able to create Groups.

To provide access to a section and its content, simply add the external user(s) to the relevant section. This will provide access to that section, all of its children and all of the content within.




Within the above pages, external users are also able to use the following permissions:

  • Vote on polls, both within and outside of groups
  • View, post and edit their own comments
  • Upload files to the system via profile image
  • Use the WYSIWYG authorised user and organisational user text formats
  • Report comments
  • Favourite, rate or follow content
  • Edit their own profile
  • @mention others


Adding external users to the site and controlling user permissions


The external user role can be added or removed via account settings, by a webmaster. When the external role is selected all other roles will be disabled to prevent accidentally granting global permissions to external users.

External user role checked

To ensure no other permissions are granted, if an external member is selected under a role change the members page will display the messages, “One or more users you have selected are external. Roles cannot be added to external users.”

Or, if all selected users are external then it should simply say ‘None’ under the ‘You selected the following people’ heading and display the help text specified above.

Additionally, in order to prevent external team members from being granted restricted permissions, such as the OU admin role, external users cannot be searched for or selected for a role change within the team edit and manage pages.


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