User Management

What is User Management?

A complete list of every user on your intranet, detailing their name, team, when they were created, when they last accessed the intranet and their status.

At a basic level, this is where webmasters can go to quickly add, edit or delete users. You can, however, do much more by performing several other vital operations on multiple users. 

Search for users by name, team, role and status, before selecting those whose status you want to change. Then simply choose to anonymise, block, delegate role, move team, reassign content or send an email. User Management is the fastest and clearest way to keep on top of what can be thousands of users in an organisation.

How to use User Management

Navigate to User Management:

1. As a Webmaster, go to Administration

2. Under ‘People and Teams’ -> ‘User settings’ select ‘User Management’

invotra admin settings

Add person

To create a new user, select the ‘Add person’ button and populated the form with the following fields:

  • Username
  • Email address
  • Password
  • Status
  • Notify user of new account
  • Roles

User Management table

The user management table is where you can access, edit and manage all of the users within your intranet.

Filters and search

Use the filters and search function to find the exact users that you need to manage. You can filter and search for users based on the following criteria:

  • Username: Search for specific users by name
  • Team: Filter the user management table by a specific team from the directory
  • Role: Filter the user management table by a specific Invotra role
  • Anonymised: Only display the users who have been anonymised within the system under GDPR

User management search for user settings fields

Bulk operations

You can use the bulk operations function to perform an action on multiple users at the same time. To do so, follow these simple steps:

1. Select the users you wish to perform a bulk operation on using the check boxes to the left-hand side of the table

2. Select an action using the drop down box provided

Anonymise user: Strips all identifiable information from the user and allows you to reassign their content to another user
– Block user: Sets the status of the user to ‘Blocked’ meaning that they can no longer be found and can no longer log in to the system
– Delegate roles: Apply an Invotra role(s) to the user
– Delete user: Delete the user from the system and reassign their content if needed
– Reassign content: Reassign content from one user to another
– Send email: Send an email to the email address associated with the users’ account

3. Click next

Bulk user management operations displayed in drop down menu


The table is comprised of the following columns:

  • Checkbox: Allows you to select specific users or all of the users in the table.
  • Username: Displays the name of the user and the role(s) they have within the system
  • Team: Displays the team(s) that the user in attributed to.
  • Created: The date in which the user was created. Clicking on the column heading will sort the table.
  • Last accessed: The date in which the user last accessed the system. Clicking on the column heading will sort the table.
  • Status: The current status of the user. This will display either ‘Active’ or ‘Blocked’/ Clicking on the column heading will sort the table.

User management table showing username, team, created and last accessed date and status


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