Task Checklist widget

A team is working on a new large scale project. Every day they have a number of tasks to complete which they record in a  list to ensure that they do not forget anything. The most effective way of keeping track of tasks would be to use the ‘Task checklist’ widget. This widget allows users to see all the tasks that they have to complete. Once each task has been completed, then the user can indicate that it has been completed by selecting the checkbox. That way the user can see exactly what tasks are completed and which tasks are still pending. 

To create a ‘Task checklist’ widget I:

  1. Selected ‘Edit’ and then ’Widgets’  
  2. Then I selected the ‘+’ (Add widget) option to open the widget library
  3. Then I selected ‘Task checklist’ from the widget library
  4. On the ‘TITLE’ tab, I added the title for this list of tasks 
  5. From the ‘DISPLAY’ tab I:
  • Selected whether I would like to display the progress as a wheel or bar
  • Added a name for each task to be completed 
  • Added any links 
  • I selected how many checklist items I would like displayed in the widget 

6. From the ‘TARGET’ tab I selected the users I would like to target

7. Once I was happy with the configuration, I selected the ‘ADD’ option 


The Task Checklist widget can be used to display specific content based on a specific ‘Timeframe’ from the New Starter user’s Start date.

However this widget can also be used for other checklists, for example:

  • Recruitment process task checklist
  • Performance management task checklist
Tip: A Task Checklist widget needs to be created for each Timeframe category


Create a Task Checklist widget


  • Override title
  • Enter Title


  1. Select to include either a progress bar or a progress wheel
  • Show progress bar
  • Show progress wheel

2. Create each Task item

  • Task name
  • Link options
    • No link (Default option)
    • Internal link – Section (Enter and select Section)
    • Internal link – Other content (Enter and select the Content)
    • External Link (Enter of paste external link)


  • Item to display – Select either to display all items or a specific number of items
    • All items
    • Number of items – When checked
      • Only show – Enter number of items to display

3. Allow user reset – Checkbox

  • When checked add button to the User View
    • Button label – Reset Checklist
    • Button action – Clear all checklist items for that Org User only


  1. The new target category of New Starter enables the selection of a specific New Starter Timescale, to display the widget’s specific tasks based on that ‘Timeframe’ from the New Starter user’s Start date.
  • Everyone – Default
  • Locations – Only users in the locations you select will be able to view this content
  • Teams – Only users in the teams you select will be able to view this content
  • Role grades – Only users in the role grades you select will be able to view this content
  • New Starter – Only new starters within the timeframe you select will be able to view this content
    • Select New Starter Timeframe, for this set of tasks