Adding widgets

Video Transcript


To add a widget you need to access the Widget Library, and to do that, you need to select ‘Edit’, ‘Widgets’.


And here we are. These are the regions in the layout we have selected. You’ll see it as region one, two, three, four…


You can add a widget in any of those regions. We’ll add one in ‘Region 2’.


When you select the ‘Add widget’ icon you open up the Widget Library and its various categories. There are fewer sections than there are for content types.


You can see all the section widgets by selecting ‘All Section Widgets’.


You can search if you know what you are looking for, something to do with blogs, for instance. Or you can get rid of that search term to refresh the list.


If you want to go back and be more accurate with your categories, you can select ‘Content types’ to see all the widgets related to content types, there’s also an information icon to select to find out more about the widget.


If we’re going to select ‘All content’, we do that and we’re able to override the title, choose the size of that title; what we want to display.


The reason this widget is called ‘All content’ is because you can literally display all content types that are published on our site.


In this instance, we’re going to select ‘page’ and limit it to three items. I’m going to choose a design, which we do first on the right-hand side.


We’ll choose a ‘list style’; an unordered list…that’s fine. If there are more pages, we’ll add a custom read more link. We can target the content in this widget.


So, let’s say, you have a team in London or a team in Manchester: you can only display the content in this widget for the team in Manchester, for example, which can be very useful.


You can filter that so if there’s no filtration, any page that’s published on your site will come and be displayed through this widget.


Or you can choose to only have content types that are related to the home section, which we’re in now. Or you can, choose a section from around your site, this can include all of its subsections too.


You just want to get rid of that and we won’t filter anything. And then you can sort by publish date, create date, updated title, or by the number of content comments (popularity).


So we’ve added out widget settings, select ‘Add widget’. And if we look at ‘Region 2’, we’ll see some bizarrely named pages being displayed, but that’s because this is a test site, and our custom read more link. Now we can ‘Save’ and ‘Save and close’.