Creating a section

Video Transcript


Okay. So we’re going to start by creating a section from the workbar. You can do this. If you’re a Webmaster or a Global Section Manager,. The create icon is at the top of the screen in the workbar, the plus icon, select that and you will see ‘Section’.


This create menu may appear differently on your site. It can be amended by webmasters in admin settings. So I’m going to select ‘section’ from the create menu.


I’m going to see the new create screen, with the content fields on the left and the navigational and publishing fields on the right in the sidebar.


Each field has a title, add your title, add your description…


You can add an image by selecting a file or dragging a file attachment.


Links: this was previously ‘related content’ and ‘related external links’. Previously untitled, this is ‘Relate section’ telling you that relationships are key for sections in terms of creating the structure navigation of your site.


So, if this new section belongs to ‘Comms’, you relate the section to’Comms’ and it becomes a sub-section of comms.


If there is a subsection of comms, you can relate this section to that subsection, if not then, and this is a new section for your main menu, that is going to have its own subsections.


You don’t relate to it to any other section. You add an order depending on where you want your section to appear, I suggest you do it incrementally and tens.


So, I think there are about six options in the menu currently. So we’re going to make this the last section, so we’re going to put 70, and we’ll publish it straight away so we can see it.


You get two options when you save. You can ‘Save and close’ or ‘Save and continue editing’.


In this instance, we’re going to save and close and that’s it. You’ve created a new section. That’s now the last section in your main menu.