Saving alerts and options

Video Transcript


Any changes you make to your section will be saveable wherever you are. So if you go from widgets and you add a local search, you can move between widgets, layout, template without being prompted to save.


But when you move to content, you will be asked to save changes so that you do not lose any work.


So if you want to keep the local search bar you added, select yes, and you’ll be taken to the content tab, where you can change the likes of the title and description.


If we add a description and we accidentally select cancel, we’ll be prompted again to save the changes. There are also now two options with safe.


Let’s say, you go to create a new section. You don’t need description or anything like that. We relate it to Comms, give it an order and select Save. We’re then offered the option of ‘Save and close’ or ‘Save and continue editing’.


Now, we always start with the content fields when we’re creating a new section, but if you select, ‘Save and continue editing’ you’ll access the other tabs in the edit menu – widgets, layout, template.


So you can go straight to template. If you know the one you want. Change the layout, and add widgets there.


So once again, select ‘Save and close’, and that’s how save works.