Invotra’s intranet APIs allow you to integrate with, and extend, Invotra to meet some of your business needs, such as reporting on specific data to find out how your users are interacting with your service. 

Example uses for our APIs:

  • Connecting your preferred user management system, such as Azure, Salesforce
  • Invotra uses APIs for building apps, including our mobile app
  • Data migration

How to use Invotra APIs

Invotra APIs use REST, support JSON formats and allow the following HTTP verbs:

  • GET – For reading data
  • POST – For creating data
  • PUT – For updating data
  • DELETE – For deleting data


Invotra uses a UUID for identifying objects. For any POST request which creates a new object, a UUID will be generated automatically and returned in the “Location” response header.

The UUID should be used for subsequent operations on a newly created object for reading, updating and deleting.

The “External ID” field is available for using custom identifiers from a data source system.


Invotra uses the OpenAPI specification for defining API endpoints.

For examples on getting started with Invotra APIs, click here.

For a full list of available endpoints and operations, click here.


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