Centralised Publishing

What is a centralised publishing model?


A centralised publishing model enables your intranet team to maintain control over every piece of content that is published within the intranet. 

Usually, this will mean that your organisation has a core publishing team that manages all of the content on the intranet and you do not allow business areas to publish their own content.


Implementing a centralised publishing model in Invotra


You can use the global roles within Invotra to set up your centralised model. Global roles provide users with permissions to influence content across the entire intranet. If you require a permission model for each area, see our documentation on a distributed publishing model.

You can apply the following global roles by accessing an individual user’s account settings or in bulk via User Management

Role Publishing Permissions
  • Create all types of content anywhere on the intranet
  • Set content to ‘Needs Review’ but not able to publish content
  • Edit their own content but not anyone else’s
  • All of the above
  • Set content to ‘Reviewed’ but not able to publish content
  • Edit any content
  • All of the above
  • Publish any content
  • Delete any content
Content Reviewer
  • Receives emails for all content when it is nearing its review date
Section Manager
  • Create, edit and delete site sections
  • Use the In Place Editor on site sections

All of the above roles can be paired with each other to achieve your centralised publishing team. For example, someone can be both a Publisher and Section manager if you want them to manage all content on the intranet.


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