You will be able to access your ‘Feed’ and view the different forms of activity


Access Feed



  1. In the workbar select the icon labelled “Feed”

    Feed icon


  2. Here you will be redirected to the feed screen
  3. On the left hand side are your filter options
  4. Select the “received” tab and Sort by:
      1. ‘Forever’ 
      2. ‘Last 30 days’
      3. ‘Last 7 days’
      4. ‘Yesterday’
      5. ‘Today’
      6. ‘Date range’

        Sort by


  5. Tick the group category options
  6. Select “Apply”
  7. In the feed section select the tabs:
      1. ‘All’
      2. ‘People’ 
      3. ‘Groups’ 
      4. ‘Content’

        All tab


  8. Here you can view the different forms of activity


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