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What's New

The intranet wide update in January 2024 includes significant improvements and changes. 

In addition to there being new features and functionalities there have been some changes made to current features on the intranet. This can be seen with Directory types and so some of the changes that have occurred are:

      • Team Chart – team chart has now been relocated within the ‘Teams’ dropdown of directory. Once this has been selected, it can be found in the ‘Teams Chart’ tab
      • Org Chart – org chart has now been relocated from the ‘Directory’ dropdown to being found within ‘People’ under ‘Directory’. Once ‘People’ has been selected, select the ‘Org Chart’ tab.

Find People

Being able to ‘Navigate’ and ‘Search’ for information on a particular person can help save time and aid decision making on whether or not to grant a person access to view information that is available to only particular teams

  1. Locate the ‘Directory Icon
  2. Select ‘People’
  3. You will be redirected to the ‘People‘ homepage
  4. To help you Find people use the ‘Search bar
  5. On the homepage you can see:
    1. Other ‘People
    2. Ability to ‘Add text block
    3. Your ‘Profile
    4. Similiar to your profile
    5. Popular ‘Skills
    6. Popular ‘Badges
  6. Once you see the user’s ‘Profile‘, select it for more information.


What Is ‘Add Text Block’?

This feature allows you to add your desired ‘Content‘ along with the ability to add multiple links to areas both internal and external of the intranet. Once this has been ‘Created‘ and ‘Saved‘ it will appear at the top right of the page.



Org Chart

Be able to navigate through the ‘Org Chart’ to see particular roles/people

  1. Locate the ‘People Page
  2. Select the “ORG CHART” tab

    org chart tab


  3. Here you will be redirected to the ‘Org Chart
  4. To navigate through the ‘Org Chart’:
    1. Select the “+” icon on the person who is more senior than the person you are looking for
    2. Select the “-” icon on the person who is more senior to no longer see the people working in their team below them
  5. Once you have located the person you are looking for, select their card and you will be redirected to their profile page.



Be able to the Admin section for “People

  1. Locate the ‘People Page
  2. Select the “Admin” tab

    admin tab


  3. You will be presented with the Admin “Org Chart” screen
  4. Configure the ‘Org Chart’ to display from a different root or starting point by:
      1. Selecting “User” – input the user that you want the ‘Org Chart’ to start from e.g. CEO
      2. Selecting “Custom” – the chart begins with the custom label and the selected user and then cascades down.
  5. Select “Save


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