Get started with editing sections

Editing a section

Relevant roles: Webmasters, Global Section Managers, Local Section Managers

There are four options to choose from when you go to edit your section: Widgets, Layout, Template, Content. In the overflow menu, you have the option to manage members, create subsection, or delete section.


Edit menu

Widgets: Where you access your regions and widgets; add region styles and widgets in regions; edit widget settings and styles; clone and delete widgets, or drag and drop widgets to move them inside the same region or to a different region.

Layout: Choose from a variety of default layouts and set the width to fixed or full. You can also create custom layouts with up to 10 unique rows. These are managed in Administration and available to choose from beneath the default layouts when you create them.

Content: Change any of the fields you added when you created the section: title, description, image, attachment, links, and tags. You can also relate your section to create or change the structure and flow of your site. Restrict access to members only, publish or unpublish, or archive the section so that it does not display unless a user wants to see archived content. 


Overflow menu

The overflow menu is to the right of the ‘Edit’ menu. It’s represented by three vertical dots.  You can access the following from the overflow menu:

Manage members: Add and remove members of your section. Members of sections can view the section if you make it a restricted section. You can also add and remove roles for members of sections. These are content management roles that include section manager, publisher, editor, author, moderator, and reviewer.

Create subsection: Automatically create a subsection of the section you are on. You can check this in the first field of the drawer, called ‘Relate content’.

Reset template: If you have edited the layout or added and edited widgets in your section, you will need to reset the section template before you can choose another one.

Delete section: Delete the section you are on. If the section has related sections and content types, you must first either delete these sections and content types or create new relationships for them.


Right-hand drawer or sidebar

Whenever you edit a section and content types, you will frequently interact with a new retractable drawer from the right of your screen. 

Whether you’re adding a widget or styling a region in ‘widgets’ tab, or choosing a new layout, you’ll do all your work in the sidebars.

It means that you’ll never lose sight of your section or page, which remains in view on the left. Choose to retract the sidebar for a full-width view, before expanding the sidebar to finish adding your design to a widget.

The sidebar will appear whether you are in widgets, layout, template, or content. In content, the sidebar features all of the critical navigational and publishing fields, including ‘relate’ and ‘workflow state’.


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Editing widgets

Editing layouts

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