Getting started with layouts


The layout is where you choose how many rows there are, as well as the number and width of columns in each row.


Choosing a Layout

Relevant roles: Webmaster, Section Manager

1. Go to your section

2. Select ‘Edit’ menu and ‘Layout’

3. In the ‘Layout’ tab, choose a default layout and select ‘Next’

4. In step (2/3) check you’re happy with the change and select ‘Next’

5. In step (3/3) choose the layout width

6. Select ‘Apply’


Creating a Custom Layout

Relevant roles: Webmaster, Global Section Manager

1. Go to one of your sections

2. Select ‘Edit’ menu and ‘Layout’

3. In the ‘Layout’ tab and the right-hand drawer, select ‘Create’

4. In the ‘Create layout’ page you’ll see ‘Region 1’, select ‘Region 1’ and choose the type of row you want region 1 to be from the right-hand drawer

Rows are defined by the width and number of columns.

5. To add another row, select the plus icon and a row will be added below ‘Region 1’

6. Again, to choose the type of row you want, select the new row and then one of the options from the right-hand drawer

7. When you select a row, you can also choose to delete it, clone it, or move it using the three icons

Note, you can only add 10 rows per custom layout, and there is a limit of 25 custom layouts before you have to delete some to create more.

8. Once you’re happy with your layout select ‘Save’ in the top right of the screen

9. Add title and description, and ‘Save’

There will be two categories in the layout drawer of your section: Default and Custom. Find and select your custom layouts beneath custom.


Managing Custom Layouts

Relevant roles: Webmaster

1. Go to Administration

2. In ‘Design’ select ‘Layouts’

3. See the title,  description, usage, created and updated date

4. Choose to disable or delete

You can only disable or delete a layout that has 0 usage across your site. You are also limited to 25 custom layouts.


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