Build & Maintain

For content creators and managers who want to engage, inform and connect users to the information they need

Build & Maintain

A step-by-step on everything you will need to ensure that your intranet engages your users and supercharges your digital strategy.


Manage Content

Manage Content gives you quick access to the content you’re responsible for as part of a publishing team.


With workflow states and roles, produce regular, accurate and traceable content from multiple users.


Track changes made to your content — see who did what and when, and why, with the revision log comments.


Increase user engagement by targeting relevant content at specific teams, locations and roles.


Create news and take advantage of news widgets so users are in the know and can get involved.


Manuals are ideal for handling large documentation that requires indexable sections and pages.

Distributed Publishing

Distribute responsibility for creating and maintaining content out to the wider business, creating a truly scalable solution.

Centralised Publishing

One team can take complete control over every piece of content within your intranet – ensuring quality and consistency.