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Social Apps – Customise Page

Learn about how to customise a ‘Social Apps’ page

What’s New

The intranet wide update in August 2023 includes significant improvements and changes. 

In addition to there being new features and functionalities there have been changes made to the current areas on the intranet. Some of the changes surrounding Social Apps (Message Wall, Ideas, Groups, Queries & Blogs) are:

Page builder and widgets‘ functionality has been updated to deliver a more intuitive and visually engaging experience


    Customise Page – How to

      Learn about ‘How to’ customise a ‘Social Apps’ page

      1. Navigate to the ‘Workbar’ and select ‘Apps’ ’
      2. You will be redirected to the ‘[Apps]’ homepage
      3. Select the ‘Three dots’ in the top right corner below the ‘Create’ button
      4. Select ‘Customise page’ 
      5. A ‘Widgets’ box will appear
      6. Select the ‘Box
      7. You will be redirected to the ‘Page Builder’ screen
      8. Select the “Widgets” tab
      9. To locate the widgets you are looking for either:
        1. Search for widgets using the “Search Bar
        2. Locate the widget under the different “Categories
      10. Drag” and “Drop” the desired widget into the region you have chosen.
      11. Select “Create
      12. Select “Save

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