What’s new in Invotra

Learn about the new product features and improvements, and how to use them.



Clear Webforms Results

Extending content management powers to section managers. Now section managers can clear webform results to start a new round of data gathering without having to duplicate a webform.

Poll Content Type to be Section Based

Extending content management powers to publishers, editors, and authors. Polls are now a content type so they can be easily edited by members of a section’s publishing team.

Accordion Function for WYSIWYG

Publishers can now create sections and snippets of content that can be displayed and hidden by the user. This makes content more interactive and easier to navigate, especially for text-heavy FAQs.

Aggregated Feed Messages

Messages appearing on a user’s feed will no longer repeat with every new interaction, such as a new comment. New actions on updates will be aggregated to make feeds quicker and clearer to digest.


Importer Project

The importer project lets you integrate your user management application with our API so you can manage user information between Invotra and your identity source, e.g. Azure. Learn more

Invotra Mobile App

The Invotra mobile app is now available in the App Store. It puts your organisation in the palm of your hands, connecting you to the people and information you need to progress at work. What’s more, the mobile app is absolutely secure with Invotra Auth’s multi-factor authentication and single sign-on capabilities. Learn more

Manage Groups

Keeping groups up to date and relevant has never been easier with Automated Groups Reporting, or ‘Manage Groups’ as it is called in the product.

Highlight and remove groups that haven’t posted anything in over a year, groups without any members, groups without an admin. Alternatively, don’t miss the most active areas on your intranet: Look at the number of members, admins, posts in the last 7 days, all the signs you need to know if something is popular and needs wider attention. Learn more


Search People by Blank Job Title

For an intranet to be at its best, user data needs to be kept up to date. Invotra Intranet’s profile settings trigger so much of its essential functionality: Targeted content, search filtering, and permission-based access. Now, any user without a job title can be quickly identified using the people search category and updated.

Custom Layouts

You can now create up to 25 custom layouts with up to 10 rows in each. Custom layouts slot seamlessly into the new Edit Mode features, launched in 5.12, and let publishers deliver designs that match their organisation’s content vision and experience. Learn more

Closing Group Polls

Group Polls have an option to set a closing date, which triggers the poll to close at 23:59 on the appropriate date. Learn more



Whatever you’re working on, you now have the support of a sidekick sidebar. It gets out of the way when you need to focus and steps in when action’s required — adding widgets, changing layouts, scheduling publish dates.

Alert messages

Quick reminders guard against you ever losing work. You might be editing at double speed, picking a template then tweaking it slightly with a couple widgets, before deciding the title isn’t quite right. Do you want to save your changes so far? Yes.

Content fields

Content fields have been refreshed and reflowed for a more spacious, calm and considered editing experience. News articles, manuals and forms all benefit from better titling, labelling and assistive text, and so do all of our publishers.

Widget Library

Everything you create is displayed through a widget, they are the building blocks and they now stack up straighter than ever. Categories are specific and each widget gives you a helping hand as to what it is and how to use it when you click ‘i’.


Advanced targeting

Targeting content is now more accurate as you can target teams in certain regions, or specific role grades in multiple locations. Previously, you had to choose to target in only one of those available categories. 

Quick-view widget settings

Whenever you are editing a section or content type in build, you can hover over the widget settings icon to find out how each widget is configured without having go in and investigate. Speeding up content creation for section managers everywhere. 



Confirmation modals

Previously, your internet browser would ask if you were sure you wanted to delete a widget. Now, it’s part of the product in a modal that is clear and obvious for content creators.



Video streaming

Up until now, Invotra customers could easily embed videos from the likes of YouTube and Vimeo. With Invotra Video however, the streaming of exclusive content can become a seamless part of an organisation’s comms strategy. Host 2 to 3 hour long videos before adding them to the relevant sections of your site or integrating them within existing content. Learn more

Layouts experience

The way you change your layout has been reordered and simplified to make the process clearer and quicker. The regions that define layouts, that is, how many regions are in each row, are now named numerically to help improve communication between comms and design teams. This will also influence mobile design capabilities in 2021.


Read-only access

Safeguard your users from friction and protect them from inappropriate interactions. The read-only access role gives webmasters the control to stop individuals from doing anything other than consuming content on their site. This might be while an investigation runs its course, or could be the outcome of an investigation, where an individual is banned from commenting for 6 months. Learn more



Mandatory content review

You now have the ability to make content reviews mandatory for content types. It’s a useful way to ensure content is always up-to-date, accurate and relevant. It also acts as an automated unpublisher of content if the review date passes without being reset. You choose the content types that feature the mandatory content review field and the rest is up to your content creators. Learn more

Progress indicators

We updated the progress indicator style from an indeterminate linear progress indicator to a determinate linear progress indicator. The change was to address visual issues for accessibility users. The new progress indicator will provide feedback and inform users of page load activity as well as confirming that an action like save is in progress.


Notify integration

Invotra now integrates with Notify, the UK Government’s notification service that lets users create and send emails, text messages and letters. Dedicated to central government, local authority and NHS organisations, Notify will be available to all of Invotra’s public sector customers. Take advantage of Notify’s customisable templates, performance dashboards, as well as the manual or automated send function that give users live updates on sending, sent and failed deliveries. Learn more

Filter drawer

The filter draw, which features in all search results pages, app pages, and workplace pages (My Content and Manage Content) has been slimmed down to reduce the cognitive load for users. The action buttons have also been re-written to be consistent and clearer.

Delete all comments widget

The first externally hosted widget is now available. Built using javascript and APIs to allow customers to introduce even more flexibility within the product for their specific needs. This widget provides a simple button that can be added to News pages to automatically delete all comments held on that news article.  

Please contact us for more information about how to introduce your own external widgets.